Jackie Hernández

My Experience
34 years in the travel industry
19 years with Condado Travel

My Specialty
Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, USA,
South & Central America, Caribbean cruises

Office Location 
Guaynabo, PR
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What Do I Do
Travel information
Preparation of Itinerary
Liaison with provider of services
Planning and costing tours
Ticketing, provision of foreign currencies
Cruises sales
Premia rewards

My favorite destinations
Europe: Madrid, Rome, Barcelona
South and Central America

Destinations with more experience to sell
Florida, Las Vegas, New York, San Francisco, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Cancun, Panama, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Madrid, Barcelona, Roma, Venece, Republic Dominicana, ST. Marteen, Aruba, Curacao, ST.Thomas

My function is to offer my best specialized travel service and advice to our customers