My Travel on Dec 2017 to Cabo San Lucas, México

My first impression from the arrival was the amount of people that jump into you the moment you step out of immigrations. I could see Real Estates agents posing as taxi drivers offering you a ‘reduced rate’ on the cab fare is you allow them to take you to a development…so what to do? Just look down and walk out of there as fast as you can and find your pre-arranged hotel transfer.

I started my journey staying at Chileno Bay, this is a lovely new property where the local elements are incorporated into its design, very naturally! When I got into my room I was impressed with the spacious and comfortable bathrooms…but, the shower was a little off as the drainage wasn’t well designed and flooded the bathroom. All “glitches” aside, I found a served fresh homemade agave as the amenity upon arrival in the room, very nice! The hotel Spa is great! my favorite pick: the Himalayan Salt Room, just loved it…although it is a wonderful Spa, I found it a little noisy due to all the constructions around the area. On my experience, there are only two restaurants highly recommend eating out some nights.

The rest of my trip, I stayed at the One and Only Palmilla, a place where I would go back in a heartbeat and I will bring my kids with me! I just loved this property, it has all the Mexican charms without being tacky. This is an amazing family resort, with great Kids Club and incredible pool for small kids. The rooms are wonderful and perfectly equipped with diapers pails and diaper cleaning brush included and well selected items with great attention to details that you feel you are in Mexico in the most elegant and fresh way! Also, I found lots of restaurant options within and around the property. This is a highly recommended place to stay if you want to relax, want to be seen, but not noticed….

Would I go back?... Yes! And this time, I would go whale watching and would bring my family with me.

Things to know about:
- Beaches aren’t swimmable in most resorts,.
- Be aware of expensive taxi rides’ and those that want to sell you Real Estates
- The One and Only Palmilla has a butler at the airport that helps you with your bags and check-in, drops you off at security check point.,
- Cabo is not about the resort you stay in, there are a A LOT of great restaurants and activities to do around the area.