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Groups and Incentives


TARGA is a world-class planner of corporate meetings, conventions and group incentive travels that are picture-perfect.

A sister company of Condado Travel, we’ve been servicing Puerto Rico’s discerning corporate market since 1994.

The TARGA team is committed to providing custom-designed solutions that include innovative programs, first-class facilities, exciting itineraries and extraordinary destinations.

And what’s better. We support you and guide you every step of the way, taking care of every single detail while taking the guesswork out of your work.

By doing so, we guarantee a unique, memorable experience to your company’s guests:
the incentive traveler feels truly rewarded and the meeting attendee fully satisfied. At the end, your company will be totally pleased, as the investment in time and resources will be worth it.

Being in TARGA’s expert hands, you can sit back and relax to enjoy the journey. That’s simply picture perfect.


For an incentive trip to be a real incentive, it has to be a one-of-a-kind, memorable experience. One that would otherwise and impossible to forget. A journey rewarded, pampered and thankful for life. TARGA knows exactly how to take you and your guests an that picture-perfect trip.


Before we begin to design a trip that meets your company’s needs and surpasses the traveler’s expectations, we first conduct an in-depth interview with the officials in charge. Only after determining the client’s preferences and objectives, as well as assessing its prior traveling experience and the group’s profile, we can come up with a customized travel plan that will please both you and your guests.


Based on the results of the interview, TARGA presents you a recommendation of the destination that best suits your groups tastes and personality. With TARGA you’re not taking your group on just another tour. We create a complete, individualized traveling experience, in order for your group to throughly enjoy the visited places. Our exciting itineraries include personalized sightseeing excursions, private dinners and highly original events that are truly special.


Our TARGA experts are always looking for new places to discover and new adventures to enjoy. We know first hand the hottest spots, the most uncommon destinations and the latest options in transportation, accommodations, excursions and entertainment available anywhere in the world. This guarantees your group a unique VIP experience like no one has lived before.


A TARGA representative is always by your side during the trip. In addition to coordinating all the details and logistics of the trip, our Rep takes care of any unforseen situation that might arise, making sure everything runs smoothly from departure to arrival.


Whether we are handling your corporate meeting or an incentive trip, TARGA is by your side before departure to after arrival. We are responsible for handling all the important aspects of your journey or event from beginning to end. A site inspection of selected destination is highly recommended.

During the creation of your event, we handle the ticketing service and negotiate rates with hotels, airlines, transportation, restaurants and other venues. Once you are back, we provide you with a complete budget management reconciliation.

That’s why it’s so lovely to work with the pros who know; pros like Targa team that have a reputation you can bank on. Because we enjoy the business we are in!

We hope that our passion shines through our work and gives you the confidence you need to allow the TARGA team to successfully handle your next corporate meeting or incentive travel.

You see, that’s picture-perfect!
So smile and take a picture with us!


My Experience
30 years in the industry
17 years with Targa Meetings & Incentives (TMI)

My Specialty: Group Coordinator
Spain, Canada, Costa Rica, Colombia
Dominican Republic.

Office Location 
Guaynabo, PR


My Experience
33 years in the industry
6 years with Targa Meetings & Incentives (TMI)

My Specialty: Groups for TMI Division
Santo Domingo, Peru, Colombia, Europe.

Office Location 
Guaynabo, PR


My Experience
31 years in the Industry
19 years with Targa Meetings & Incentives (TMI)

My Specialty: Sales & Group Coordinator
Europe, NYC, Mexico, Italy by cruise, Puerto Rico (Island of Culebra).

Office Location 
Guaynabo, PR


Position: Vice-Presidente de Tardel Travel Group
41 years in the Industry
38 years with Condado Travel and Tardel Travel Group



Position: Marketing Specialist