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1. What types of vacations have you taken in the past?
Check all that apply
Cruise Independent Travel
Guided Tour Rail
Luxury Jet Resort / Hotel
1a. If you answered "Cruise", please specify which kinds
Check all that apply
Barging Rivers or Canal Cruising
Classic Ship Cruising Small Ship Cruising
Expedition Cruising  
2. Below are general interests. Please check those that best describe the type of travel you like.
Check all that apply
Adult Education Family Vacations
Golf Adventure
Food / Wine Sun / Sand
3. Below are focused hobbies and interest. Please check those that best describe you.
Check all that apply
4-Wheel Drive Multi-Sport
Archeology Music
Ballooning Naturalist / Eco-Travel
Birding Photography
Climbing Ranch / Lodge Stays
Cycling Safari / Wildlife
Diving / Snorkeling Sailing / Boating
Equestrian / Trails Short Notice Travel
Extreme Sports Skiing / Snow Sports
Family Adventures Spas
Fishing Spectator Sports
Hiking / Backpacking Trekking
History Voyager Club
Hunting Walking
Indigenous Cultures Watersports
Kayak / Canoe / Rafting Wildlife / Nature
4. On average, how long do your trips last?
10 days Over 20 days
11 to 20 days  
4a. Yearly, how frequently do you travel?
one time three
two four or more
5. What is your most common trip budget? ( per person)
up to $3,000 $8,000 - $15,000
$3,000 - $8,000 Over $15,000
6. Which destinations interest you?
Check all that apply
Africa/Seychelles China
Alaska Continental US
Artic Eastern Europe
Asia / Orient Europe
Australia / New Zealand Hawaii
Canada Mediterranean
Caribbean / Bermuda Mexico
Central America Middle east
Panama Canal Pacific Rim
7. Please mark your age group.
Under 36 51-65
36-50 Over 65
8. Please check all boxes that best apply
Married Single
Retired Young Family
9. List your favorite cruise line(s)
10. Where do you want to go next?
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